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Preparing For Your

Fill out health waiver

Prior to your appointment please fill out the forms here. If you have any issues, please show up 5-10 minutes prior to your appointment to ensure this doesn't cut into your facial time. 

Forms MUST be filled out before every treatment to ensure there are no changes or contraindications. 


No harsh ingredients

If you are using any acids or exfoliants, refrain from using them for 3 days before and after the facial, and a week before and after if you are using retinoids. 


Come makeup free

For best results, come makeup free! The esthetician will cleanse your skin regardless, however makeup removal can take a long time, and will take away from time that could be spent on your skin instead.


Bring a list of your products

Your esthetician is here to help make sure your routine makes sense for your skin. Bring a list, or take some photos so we can go over it with you.


No waxing, laser, sun burns, botox, or spray tan/self-tan seven days prior to your appointment

All of these are contraindicated for most treatments, which will result in your esthetician being very limited in what treatments they can do.


No filler 2 weeks prior to your treatment

Filler must settle before you can get any treatments to avoid migrating the product where it doesn't belong.


Reschedule if you have a cold sore

Unfortunately it is extremely dangerous to perform any treatments with an active cold sore. We will be unable to do the facial and will have to reschedule. Getting a treatment with an active cold sore greatly increases the chances of exacerbating the virus, and having it spread to the rest of the face and eyes which can lead to blindness. 

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Get in Touch

If you have any questions feel free to call us and we'll be happy to help.

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