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At Home Carboxy Therapy

Welcome to our at-home carboxy treatment mask guide! Unlock the potential of the revolutionary specialized formula designed to rejuvenate your skin for either a monthly maintenance treatment, or for a Hollywood glow for an important event.

Carboxy treatment masks work wonders for your skin! They contain a special ingredient called carbonic acid that gently tingles when applied. This tingly sensation helps boost blood flow, delivering more oxygen and nutrients to your skin cells. It's like giving your skin a refreshing drink! Not only is carboxytherapy a soothing treatment, but it's also a powerful boost of hydration, microcirculation, oxygenation, tissue regeneration, and speed healing post procedure.

Experience immediate results with:

  • Visibly brighter and glowing skin, perfect for your big event

  • Reduced dark circles, giving you a radiant, refreshed look

Additionally, carboxy treatment masks provide long-term benefits, including:

  • Decreased sagging

  • Improved pigmentation

  • Diminished fine lines

  • Enhanced elasticity

  • Refined texture

  • Reduced redness

  • Minimized pore size



Massage small packet, then empty contents of both large and small packets into a small mixing bowl/ cup​. Mix thoroughly for 1 minute using the mixing stick to activate the carboxy.



Apply immediately to the area being treated using the applicator stick. It is safe to be applied over lips, up to lash line, and over eyelids. Be sure the application layer is thick. Leave on for 45 to 60 minutes. Gel will congeal, and once treatment is completed it can be removed by peeling off with the applicator stick or using a damp cloth. Follow up with your regular skincare regimen or as recommended by your skincare professional.


Make it a spa day!

You're going to have it on for an hour anyway, why not make it an experience? Here's what we recommend!

  • Put on a comfy robe or some pjs.

  • We've included a small aromatherapy ring, just slip it onto your nose septum and breathe normally, you'll smell it right away!

  • Make yourself a cup of herbal tea, or eat a CBD gummy!

  • This is a good time to throw on some hand cream and foot cream and put on those moisturizing gloves and socks.

  • If you have a hair mask you like to use, apply it and put on a shower cap so it doesn't evaporate or get everywhere. 

  • Put your phone on do not disturb (and make sure to warn your family, because this is usually the moment everyone decides to give you a call.)

  • Turn on an hour long guided meditation to help you get in a zen mood, we like this one!

  • Put on some headphones to tune out any noise.

  • Dim the lights

  • Prop up some pillows for ultimate comfort, and relax!

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