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Throughout the course of my life I suffered from cystic acne which led to many insecurities as a teenager. My curiosity for healing skin led into my passion and now I’m able to efficiently help others on their journey that took me so long to figure out myself. Becoming an esthetician allowed me to not only take care of my own skin, but help others achieve healthy, glowing skin as well. The most rewarding part about my job is helping my clients feel their best and look their best. Your face is one of the most essential parts of who you are, which is why my services provide quality care and treatments for every skin type. I strive to personalize every experience offered and guide my clients on how to keep their skin healthy and fresh at home as well as with me.




Like so many other estheticians, I found my passion in skincare through my own skin issues and obstacles. Through my personal struggles I have learned so much about both holistic and medical approaches, because I believe there is a time and place for both. I pride myself on being familiar with all skin tones and types, and being able to help anyone that walks into my treatment room. I always say that the path to great skin is 20% professional care, and 80% home care, with good, clean, customized ingredients and routines. I hope to help others learn their skin needs and wants the same way I learned mine!

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My passion for skincare started at a young age. Being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, my skin has always suffered the unwanted side effects. Finding the best ways to nourish my skin has always been a top priority for me, and being able to help others do the same is my drive behind becoming an esthetician. I furthered my studies by receiving my certification in medical esthetics to be able to provide advanced treatments for fast and targeted results. I love what I do and being a part of my client’s journey and success. My goal is to tailor my services to best meet your needs and customizing skincare regimens so that you can achieve the best results, both in the spa and at home.




For as long as I can remember beauty, self care, and overall health have been very important to me. Like many, the world of skincare was opened to me while I was enduring my own struggles with inflammatory acne and eczema. I devoted so much of my time to learning about ingredients, trying new products and the latest skincare trends, and researching treatments that could improve my skin’s health. My experiences with my skin only further intensified my passion and led me to falling in love with esthetics. My goal as an esthetician is to not only create a safe and comforting space for my clients in the treatment room but to also help you build an at home regimen that will cater to your skin’s needs and leave you feeling and looking your best! 




I believe that beautiful, healthy glowing skin can be achieved with professional guidance through customized facials, and a consistent nourishing home skincare routine while making healthy lifestyle choices. I am incredibly passionate about my profession and I feel humbled by sharing my expertise with my amazing clients.

I apply my passion for understanding ingredients to best create the perfect skincare routine for each individual client. I focus on teaching the importance of home care with understanding why we balance between nourishment and active days. My goal as your Esthetician is to provide you with a personalized facial that will focus on your skins needs, followed up by a customized home care routine. 




Let's face it, skincare is the most basic yet essential thing a person can do to take care of themselves. Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and stays with you your whole life. It needs to be protected and properly cared for. I strongly believe that proper skin care is the first step to feeling confident in your own skin (pun intended.) I've struggled with my own skin since I was little and experienced everything from eczema to acne. Figuring out my own skin health has lead me to want to share what I've learned with others. This caused me to shift my career aspirations from law to following my passion in skincare. My approach focuses on using clean and gentle ingredients, customizing effective treatments, and implementing healthy habits into a daily routine to keep you healthy and glowing. I'm excited to start this skincare journey with you!

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Growing up in a family where skin cancer was incredibly prevalent, I got an interest in skin at an early age. I enjoyed the process of healing my chronically sensitive and reactive skin as much as I enjoy working with clients to achieve their skin goals. Coming from a medical spa background I look at skin in a very clinical way to achieve lasting results. As for a little more about me, outside of work I enjoy learning about history, stand up comedy, and powerlifting.  




Cystic hormonal acne was the only thing that truly depleted my confidence. I couldn’t even look people in the eye. And that’s why skin is so important to me. After several years in the industry, the one comment I always despised was to “just wash your face” to help acne or blackheads. Let me tell you,  I wish it were that simple. That’s why getting to know your life style and routine gives me a better way to dive into the real root of why your experiencing reactions. Not only will you receive clean and glowing skin, you will also gain knowledge about ingredients, products, services, and your specific skin needs. Book a facial with me and let’s get you feeling confident in your skin!


Massage Therapist


“Massage is an essential element of self-care for the mind and body.” Elayne is a New York State Licensed Massage Therapist in practice for more than twenty years. She is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA).

Sessions offer rejuvenating, therapeutic massage, with an approach to health, relaxation, and well-being. Each session is tailored to the client’s needs, employing techniques including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Acupressure, Reflexology, Myofascial Spreading, and Reiki.

Front Desk Staff




Favorite Skincare Product: 

Sanitas Lemon Cream Cleanser




Favorite Skincare Product: 

Cerave Cleanser




Favorite Skincare Product: Best Skin Ever Seabuckthorn Cleansing Oil

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